about us

Hello, welcome to our site! Here at Stand Proud K9 Training we believe in empowering owners and helping dogs become the best they can be through understanding and leadership. We are balanced trainers who strive to create a harmonious relationship between people and their dogs by providing obedience classes, behavior modification programs, puppy classes and more. At Stand Proud, we provide an in-depth look at what it takes to provide a calm and balanced environment for the entire family, this helps create a dog who does not beg, whine, pull, jump on your guests, or feel the need to lunge or growl. We want your dog to make good decisions and enjoy family life--no matter the situation.

Meet Casey

My name is Casey Lara, owner and head trainer at Stand Proud K9 Training!

The biggest little city has been my home my entire life and I don't think I could ever find a more diverse and interesting city. Traveling is a passion of mine and I take my dogs - a German Shepherd, Golden Retriever and Miniature Australian Shepherd - with me any chance I get. It's very important for me to include them in my daily life but, like many folks, it wasn't always possible. My Shepherd was reactive, my Aussie was fearful, and my Golden had selective hearing. Training them took different approaches and I learned so much from them, the change I saw was incredible and I enjoyed training them so much that I had to turn it into a career.

I am always eager to learn and I attend training seminars at least once a year to further my knowledge and gain insight on the best way to help dogs of all sizes, breeds, and behaviors. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the transformations and milestones people reach with their dogs and I strive to see the smiles on peoples faces when they learn their dog is capable of so much more. .

I want every owner to enjoy time with their dogs. I want them to know there is hope and I'm ready to help!


Hello! My name is Brandon Cartlidge and I am standproud's second trainer and assistant to our awsome head trainer Casey. I am a Reno native, and back country skiing enthusiast! 

  I have been working with dogs for the majority of my life, starting with my fathers Akita kennel where I began handling and working with dogs at about 7 years old. I currently have 4 dogs in my own pack, Simba, Koda, Kovu, and Patrick, all of whom came to me under rough circumstances, yet had nothing but love to offer us. That quickly translated into a life long commitment to better the lives of the local animals and their handlers. 

    I spent  years working with the Nevada humane society, local day cares, grooming facilities, and veterinary clinics. I've also spent the last few years running a foster kennel from my home here in reno. 

     Training owners and their companions has become a true passion of mine and like Casey I'm constantly striving to further my education, certifications and training knowledge to assist all of you to best of my ability! I currently have 15 years of training experience. I find an emence amount of fulfillment in helping people form new, involved and positive relationships with their companions.

   I look forward to helping you and your fur-babies on your journey to a happier and successful relationship!