Not only are they amazing with dogs, but they make sure you’re comfortable and confident every step of the way. Best trainer in town! —Taylor H. w/ Atlas

 Christine M. w/ Roxy

"I just wanted to tell you guys how great you have been for us and Roxy. She is an amazing dog and with your help she is a very well behaved Rottweiler that I can take anywhere! I litterally take her everywhere with me. The E Collar has made a HUGE difference in her recall and other commands. We have been trying some off leash things around the house and at the park. WOW is all I have to say. We are thinking about getting another puppy in the next 6 months or so. Thank you again for the training and we look forward to the future with you guys! I love that you customize the training to my dog and that this is a lifetime relationship. Roxy is proving the Rottweiler stereotype wrong! "

krista H. w/ Sadie

I was so skeptical at first because I was worried my pup, Sadie, just wouldn't be able to learn wholesome behavior and boy am I glad I was so wrong!! The ladies not only helped me use positivity with Sadie, but they used it with me and it made me feel like I was helping Sadie to the best of my abilities! Sadie has been to 4 classes and they invited her to group class...after FOUR classes!
I could cry I am so excited that Sadie and I can go on walks and hang out in a calm way that doesn't involve me raising my voice at her or tugging on her leash all the time!
These ladies are AMAZING and I will recommend them to everyone I know!!


max and molly.jpg

Hailey M. w/ Max and Molly

Our dogs are now SAFE because they know boundaries and our expectations for them. They will not run out the door and they are not in danger of running off and potentially getting hit by a car. Everyone who meets them comments on what well behaved dogs they are!!! We so look forward to our weekly training and know that the dogs love it as well!





I have had the best experience along side with my owner. Learning together making the bond between dog and owner stronger. Thank you Casey and Katy your the best.